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Why isn't there any information in the field titled "In These Pages" in the file created from the Products database download?

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When I download my products database through ShopSite into a file, I see a field with the default title "In These Pages." The field is always empty.

When I look at the corresponding field through my ShopSite screen under Product > [select product] > Edit Product Info > "Product Location:" I see pages linked to individual products. Why are these fields empty in the download of my products?
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ShopSite is designed to recognize the page/product links through the pages database.

So there is no actual field in the products database called 'In These Pages', the 'In These Pages' field is in the resulting download file when downloading the products only so that it can be used to assign products to pages via an upload of that file if you want. If you enter information correctly into this field (ie: "page1|page2|page3"), ShopSite will add the product to those particular pages in the pages database during the upload of the products file.

The corresponding field, 'Link Products', in the Pages download IS populated with the product names, because the pages database is where these associations are actually located.

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