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  1. questionWhy do my shoppers sometimes get an Empty Shopping Cart message after hitting Enter on the keyboard?
    Product: SC Version: 5.x and prior Platform: ALL Why do some shoppers report that they have placed items in their cart, hit the Enter button on the keyboard, and returned to the cart later only to find that it is empty? Solution ID: S05418 This can happen in IE (and possibly older versions of ot ...
  2. questionWhy does my Continue Shopping (or Return to Shopping) button not bring me (as the shopper) back to the page I ordered from?
    Product: SC Platform: ALL Version: ALL I am placing products in my cart, and when I click the Continue Shopping button I am taken to a page other than the one I just ordered from. What are some reasons this might be happening? Solution ID: S05432 The first place to check is in the Commerce Setup ...
  3. questionWhy is the wrong product adding to my shopping cart pages?
    Product: SC or TX Version: 5.0 and earlier Platform: ALL When the buyer selects the Add to Cart button for Product A, Product B shows up in their shopping cart. How can I fix this? Solution ID: S02542 Solution ID: S02542 This problem usually occurs when using the OrderAnywhere feature under Merc ...
  4. questionWhy isn't there any information in the field titled "In These Pages" in the file created from the Products database download?
    Product: ALL Version: ALL Platform: ALL When I download my products database through ShopSite into a file, I see a field with the default title "In These Pages." The field is always empty. When I look at the corresponding field through my ShopSite screen under Product > [select product] > Edit P ...
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